BlueBream The Web Component Framework

9.6. Forms

9.6.1. Introduction

BlueBream has a HTML form library called zope.formlib to generate forms and widgets. Instead of using a form library, you can create all form manually. But the formlib avoids many duplication works. The formlib generate form for getting input data. You can also create validators and responses.

Forms are web components that use widgets to display and input data. Typically a template displays the widgets by accessing an attribute or method on an underlying class. The form library has support for validating user input data. Form library automatically convert the user submitted form data into Python objects.

The formlib provides some base classes for creating view classes. The most used base classes are DisplayForm, AddForm and EditForm. The DisplayForm is not really a web form to submit, but a convenience for displaying values based on particular context/interface.


There is a popular community supported library called z3c.form with more functionality & features compared to zope.formlib. Many projects are using z3c.form library, and it is very well documented.

9.6.2. Concepts

Before proceeding further let’s look into some Form concepts. Widget

Formlib defines a widget like this: views on bound schema fields Field

Fields build on schema fields. Form

A form class can define ordered collections of form fields using the Fields constructor. Form fields are distinct from and build on schema fields. A schema field specifies attribute values. Form fields specify how a schema field should be used in a form. The simplest way to define a collection of form fields is by passing a schema to the Fields constructor. Action

9.6.3. Creating an AddForm

The AddForm can be used as a base class for views. It can be imported like this:

from zope.formlib.form import AddForm

A typical registration of view can be done like this:


You need a schema definition as explain in the previous chapter:

class AddSampleApplication(form.AddForm):

    form_fields = form.Fields(ISampleApplication)

    def createAndAdd(self, data):
        name = data['name']
        description = data.get('description')
        namechooser = INameChooser(self.context)
        app = SampleApplication()
        name = namechooser.chooseName(name, app) = name
        app.description = description
        self.context[name] = app

9.6.4. Creating an EditForm

The usage of EditForm is very similar to AddForm.

9.6.5. Conclusion

This chapter introduced zope.formlib library to generate HTML forms and widgets.