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11.1. Default view for objectsΒΆ

In BlueBream, a browser view can be accessed using @@ symbols before the view name. For example, if you have registered a view named testview for a container object named myobject, that view can be accessed like this: myobject/@@testview.


Container object – Any object implementing zope.content.interfaces.IContainer interface is called a container object.

The view could be accessed without using the @@ symbols also, provided there is no content object with the same same exist inside the container. In the above example, If there is no content object named testview inside myobject container, then, the view can be accessed like myobject/testview. However, BlueBream recommend, always to use @@ symbols to access view to avoid ambiguity.


Content Object – If an interface provides interface type, then all objects providing the interface are considered content objects.

In BlueBream, index is registered as the view name for zope.container.interfaces.IContainer interface. So, if you try to access any container object without specifying any view name, BlueBream will try to display the view registered with name as index.

You can configure the name of default view for a particular type of object with browser:defaultView directive available in zope.publisher package. If the name of default view is not configured, and when you try to access an object without specifying the view name, you will get a ComponentLookupError with a message like this: Couldn't find default view name. For example, if you try to access the root folder like: http://localhost:8080/ and name of default view is not configured, you will get an error like this:

ComponentLookupError: ("Couldn't find default view name",
< object at 0xa3a09ac>,
<zope.publisher.browser.BrowserRequest instance


In order to use any ZCML except few built-ins like configure and include, you include the ZCML where it is defined the directive, conventionally in BlueBream it will be inside meta.zcml for any package. For example, to use defaultView directive, you need to include meta.zcml file inside zope.publisher:

<include package="zope.publisher" file="meta.zcml" />

If you have created the application using the bluebream project template, you won’t get this error. Because there is already a a default view name (index) is configured in application.zcml configuration file inside the main package.

If there is a default view name configured, but there is no view registered with that name, you will get NotFound error when you try to access object directly without specifying the name of view. For example, if the default view name is index and there is no such view registered for root folder, you will get an error like this:

NotFound: Object: < object at 0xac9b9ec>,
name: u'@@index'

As mentioned earlier, the browser:defaultView directive is defined in zope.publisher. To use this directive, you need to include meta.zcml using include directive:

<include package="zope.publisher" file="meta.zcml" />

For example, you can specify the default view for IContainer like this:


If index is registered as the name for default view and the view is not explicitly mentioned in the URL, BlueBream will try to get @@index view for containers. However, you need to have a browser view registered to access the view, otherwise a NotFound error will be raised as mentioned above.

More details about registering a browser view using browser:page directive is explained in Browser Page manual.

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