BlueBream The Web Component Framework

12.4. Technical DecisionsΒΆ

  • BlueBream is a “web framework”.

  • Shortening BlueBream as Bream or BB is acceptable. As of now, the “BB” shortening is getting popular in community.

  • There is only one public API exposed by “bluebream - the package” This API is an entry point provided by setuptools which use PasteScript:

        ["bluebream = bluebream.bluebream_base.template:BlueBream",
  • All the framework code is using “zope” or “” namespace packages. Although “bb” could be used as a namespace in future.

  • “bluebream the project” consists of project templates and KGS infrastructure.

  • “bluebream_website” is the location where web content is stored.

  • BlueBream 1.0 should provide an upgrade path from Zope 3.4 KGS.

  • Any “shell command” required to be repeated after project creation should not be automated by the project template.

  • Running and buildout in the project should not be done during project template creation for the previous reason. Another supporting reason is the easiness of adding sources to version control systems.

  • additional packages contained in namespaces such as “zc”, “z3c”, or others will be added in the future, but won’t be part of the 1.0 release.

  • Use 76 as the maximum line length for documentation. This is not a hard-limit, it can be more that 76 for source code embedded within documentation. Tips for Emacs & VIM users:

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