BlueBream The Web Component Framework

16. Contributors

There are many people who contributed to BlueBream through the old Zope 3 project from 2001. In fact, many of the technologies came from Zope 2 project which was started in 1998. Thanks to all contributors from 1998 for developing Zope. It would be difficult to list all the names here as we don’t have enough details. So, this is a list of new contributors to documentation and bluebream package from January, 2010. This is a list of people who directly committed to bluebream documentation and bluebream package. But there are many others who helped us through IRC, mailing list, wiki etc. Thanks to all. Please update this list, as soon as somebody is committed to documentation directly.

  • Baiju M (baijum)
  • Christophe Combelles (ccomb)
  • Ilshad Khabibullin (astoon)
  • Kent Tenney (ktenney)
  • Michael Haubenwallner (d2m)
  • Chris McDonough (chrism)
  • Daniel Nilsson (vq)

16.1. Logo Design

Thanks to Hiran V for the logo design.

16.2. Other Contributors

Please add other contributors name here who helped but not committed directly.

  • Justin Denney (IRC nick: jdenney)
  • Hermann Himmelbauer
  • Paul Harouff
  • Saket Srivastav
  • Garry Steedman (IRC nick: birlinn)
  • Justin Ryan (IRC nick: bitmonk)

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