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14.1. Browser Resource

Package: z3c.zrtresource

Zope Resource Templates (ZRT) allows for locally working resources to work with BlueBream as well. It will rewrite text segments in a resource. It is a 3rd party package developed by Stephan Richter for Lovely Systems.

14.1.1. ZRT Resource

When working locally, you may be storing your image resources in a directory. If you have a subfolder called images with an image logo.png. And you have a template, so here is the HTML to insert the logo:

<img src="./images/logo.png" />

Now you can see that the template locally works. If you view the HTML via Zope, you can see that it is broken. Now, let’s try to register the logo with the system like this:


Now try again, after restarting Zope 3, you can see that it is still broken!. So, relative path is not correct.

Add the following lines to the HTML resource:

 /* zrt-replace: "./images/logo.png" \
                 tal"string:${context/++resource++logo.png}" */

Then convert HTML resource registration to:


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